Yoga Props - Wooden Brick
Yoga Props - Wooden Brick
Yoga Props - Wooden Brick
Yoga Props - Wooden Brick
Yoga Props - Wooden Brick
Yoga Props - Wooden Brick

Yoga Props - Wooden Brick


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Dimensions: 9 Inches x 6 Inches x 3 Inches
Material: 100% natural wood

Yoga Props - Wooden Brick is a perfect eco-friendly workout companion to improve balance during your yoga practice. This yoga brick is crafted of natural, sustainable wood and it will support you in every asana.  

This wooden yoga block bears two beautiful laser etched yoga asanas - Padmasana & Vrikshasana illustrations on two opposite sides of the block. Padmasana is a cross-legged sitting meditation posture from ancient India. Vrikshasana is a balancing asana. It is one of the very few standing asanas in medieval hatha yoga. The yoga brick is a great gift for fitness practitioners!

This block is lightweight and strong. Exercise block or Yoga block is perfect to support asanas, aid alignment and support your practice. This yoga brick has beveled edges to add comfort when you are handling this block.

  1. Natural Material: Natural wood yoga block is perfect for yoga and fitness practitioners for enhanced stretches, core building, balancing and increased mobility. This block is Eco-Friendly, Natural, Non-Toxic, Odorless, Free of Phthalates, and are Recyclable & Biodegradable.
  2. Effective: Slip-resistant surface help ensure a secure hold and its round edges for a comfortable & steady grip. 
  3. Multi-Functional: The best property of this Yoga Brick is its modular design that allows them placing either vertically, horizontally, or on their side (or a combination thereof when used together), which quickly creates a range of possibilities for extra height and support. Reposition the lightweight and easy-to-use blocks as needed for each asana in your practice from side angle or seated pose to forward bend and beyond.
  4. Made In India: The block is handcrafted in India. 
  5. BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL: With great non-slip texture and a comfortable, yet firm grip, the Wooden Yoga Brick is made from 100% natural wooden material which is recyclable and biodegradable. The wood is sourced from sustainable farms, making the product environment-friendly. 
How To Clean:

Wood yoga blocks are the easiest to clean. Simply use a damp cloth soaked in soapy water to clean the surface and set the blocks out to dry.
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