Yoga Props - Sand Bag Pastel Green ( set of 2)
Yoga Props - Sand Bag Pastel Green ( set of 2)

Yoga Props - Sand Bag Pastel Green ( set of 2)


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Dimensions: 38.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 1 cm
Material: 50% Jute and 50% Cotton

Sometimes a little added weight is just what you need to go a little deeper into that stretch, or to add a little resistance. Use a sand bag strategically in yoga exercises to deepen stretch and improve total body strength. Our yoga sandbag is available as an unfilled sandbag handwoven of highly durable jute-cotton fabric with a leak-proof inner lining. The sand bag is 100% natural and biodegradable. They are durable and take up to 5 kgs of weight. The bags can hold up to ten pounds of weight and have a sturdy, reinforced handle on the top. 

These sandbags are also available unfilled for those who prefer to fill their own. You can fill them with rice or beans that seems to work just fine when no sand is available. 


  • Unfilled - Highly durable, Superior quality – Outer bag made of heavy duty woven of natural fibers like jute and cotton fabrics and zippered with handles
  • Bag comes Unfilled - Weight can be adjusted by filling desired amount of sand. Allows practitioner to adjust as per his yoga training and capability.
  • Each bag holds 2 kg of sand
  • Inner bag lightweight, zippered and made of leakproof and waterproof PVC – ideal for inner filling
  • Sturdy carrying handles with reinforced stitching on outer bag allow for modified use
  • The zippered inner liner makes for easy cleaning yoga sand bags cover is machine washable.
  • Size of outer bag (choice of 3 colors) is 42 cm X 18 cm and inner bag (black) is approx. 41 cm X 18 cm. Sand NOT Included
  • It is machine washable and zippered to prevent leakages.
  • Outer bag is Heavy duty cotton bag, has handles for easy manoeuvrability and dexterity.

Why to Use Yoga Sand Bag?

While the most common use of a yoga sandbag is to deepen stretches by adding weight it can also be used to bring awareness to a specific area like placing it on the stomach or chest to more clearly feel the rise and fall of the breath. This sandbag can be placed under the heels as support during a deep knee bend or under the toes to deepen a calf stretch. There are myriad ways a sandbag can inform and deepen your practice.

Craft Story:

The bag is woven of natural fibers like Jute and Cotton fabrics by a collective of 45 Craftswomen from Rajankatti, Makelmardi, Kadoli, Hunnur, Telaganatti, Madanbhavi, and Chikoppa which are drought prone regions in the state of Karnataka. In this jute cotton mat, jute is used in horizontal fashion (in shuttles of loom) to hide the roughness, and to give a detailed finish through cotton thread overlaying. This cotton gives a fine smooth texture feel to the product. 

These products are made with using many of Northern Karnataka’s craft-traditions and techniques such as: indigo dyeing of the Neelgars, rope-twisting, folk-stitching and joinery of the Nadafs, vegetable tanning/dyeing of hides and leather-crafting of the Dhor and Samgar communities, wool-felting, spinning and kambal weaving techniques of sheepherding communities.

Care Instructions: 

The sand bag is suitable for both hand wash and machine wash in cold water, using a mild detergent. This ensures that your bolster cover remains clean, fresh and germ-free at all times. Use no bleach or softener and also no centrifugation. Hang dry. 

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