ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game
ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game

ISRO Mission Mangal Yug | Board Game


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Dimensions: Box 440 mm X 220 mm X 60 mm
Material: Laminated Paper board, handcrafted Lacware wooden pegs, rockets and assets


Get the THRILL of being a MISSION DIRECTOR of an Interplanetary Mission!

A futuristic space age game that helps kids and adults to learn all about the interplanetary mission! And inspires them to be the next Vikram Sarabhai, A P J Abdul Kalam, Astronauts and space scientists right here in India. Learn all about what is needed in science, grit, determination, planning and execution to go to Mars and setup a colony. 

MARS - the red planet that has fascinated humans for long and has been the subject of many space missions of NASA and ISRO in the last few years.

IMAGINE - becoming Mission Directors, Scientists at ISRO to plan and setup a colony on Mars and be a part of “Mission Mangal Yug”. You will face CHALLENGES of loosing rockets, meteorite strikes, loose time as experiments fail, be patient to gather resources for the mission. Get a chance to build your rocket, Launch rockets from global launch stations form the best launch windows, COMPETE on Mars with a strategy to occupy tiles with maximum harvest of your assets, be the first to win the game by building a connected and complete colony on Mars before others! A choice to play on Mars or on Earth needs to be strategically done. Remember one who finishes first on Earth, may not be the winner! 


Get a chance to setup a colony on Mars. You are not alone hence plan strategically to COMPETE, choose to play on Earth to collect resources, or explore Mars to occupy the tiles for building assets. You get a chance to build a rocket and land on Mars. Be ready to deal with the challenges of Rocket failure, failing experiments, loosing turns, missing the right launch window to Mars or meteorite strikes. CHALLENGE is to make the right choice every turn of playing on Earth or on Mars.

Man can make autonomous colony on Mars using Material and Energy. But where is the fun if Man does not live there! So, we have Food and Oxygen also as critical resources in addition to Material and Energy.

To sustain life on Mars, assets would have to be built. O2 generator (Oxygen for life), Farm (food for sustenance), Factory (mining and manufacturing) Solar Panels (harvest energy). And yes, one would need House to live.

Learn about the magnetic equator, heliocentric orbits, time windows, success and failures of missions and the importance of accumulating resources such as Oxygen, Food, Energy, Materials to get to Mars! IMAGINE building a colony which can sustain itself.

It is a 2-4 Player Game; Perfect entertainer for your kids' get-togethers


  • Game Boards : 2 Nos ( 1 Earth Board and 1 Mars Board)
  • Dice : 2 Nos ( Green for Earth, Red for Mars)
  • Player Box: 4 Colours. ( Each box has 1 Rocket with removable Faring, 1 Player peg, 7 Assets + 2 Blank assets spares)
  • Resource Cards: 200 in 2 Boxes (40 Oxygen, 60 Material, 60 Energy, 40 Food)
  • Game User Manual: A single sheet Folded user manual
  • The Science behind the Game: Booklet which describes the science facts embedded in the game play.
  • And lots of fun and learning

About the Design & Craft

Indic Inspirations has produced this game “Mission Mangal Yug”. The board game’s name is marking start of an era – the Era of Mars (Mangal Yug – मंगल युग ) and celebrates the achievements of ISRO. It is positioned to inspire the young minds to work in frontiers of science and space exploration.

The game introduces aspects of space science and space exploration as part of game play.

Designed and Made in India, the game uses earth friendly paper based boards, cards and packaging manufactured with advanced machines. The key feature of the game is handcrafted rockets, assets and pegs made using traditional, turned lacquer ware techniques and are coloured using natural dyes and are absolutely eco-friendly and child safe. They are made using locally available soft wood called Ale Mara, natural lacquer and vegetable dyes like turmeric, spinach and indigo.

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