ISRO GSLV Wooden DIY Rocket Model
ISRO GSLV Wooden DIY Rocket Model

ISRO GSLV Wooden DIY Rocket Model


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Dimensions: 50 mm Dia x 290 mm H
Material: Wood & Lacquer
If your kid loves to wonder about the mysteries of space and fantasizes about discovering what the vast majority of this universe entails, then this DIY model in a space rocket design is the best gift for them. This model is made in the form of a space rocket. The Do-It-Yourself model for ISRO's GSLV Rocket will send your little one on an imaginary adventure.   

  • ROCKET MODEL - DO IT YOURSELF MODEL: This DIY model is designed like a GSLV rocket, with each piece crafted meticulously and aesthetically. 
  • HANDS ON LEARNING DIY MODEL: It provides an active way of learning all about a GSLV rocket and its functions! It is created to help kids put together their own rocket
  • HANDS-ON-LEARNING GIFT ITEM FOR KIDS: Great way to develop the curiosity of your kids and have them aspire for the moon! They can learn all about a GSLV rocket and its functions! 
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Grooves hold the stages of the rocket together. Kids learn to snap fit stages of the rocket, the boosters and create their own rocket.
  • DURABLE & HANDCRAFTED BY THE ARTISANS OF INDIA: The model is made of Ale Mara wood which is used traditionally by toymakers artisans from Channapatna.  The item is eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • MADE WITH GREAT ATTENTION TO QUALITY and SAFETY: It is coloured using natural dyes. These wooden rocket model doesn’t have sharp edges and light weight so that kids can handle them easily. 
  • Can be used as a gift, show piece or collectable as well

Design Inspiration:

Our artisans from Channapatna continue their traditions of making toys and utilities for kids. They created a delightful rocket model for your home study desks! As they learn all about the 3 stages of a GSLV ocket and its functions! Made in locally available Ale Mara wood - using techniques that have been developed over centuries. Great way to develop the curiosity of your kids and have them aspire for the moon!

Craft Story:

Channapatna Woodcraft has existed since the 1700s near Bangalore in Karnataka. Said to have originated in Persia, Tipu Sultan got local artisans from around Channapatana to learn and develop it, originally to make toys.

These handcrafted wooden crafts are made using traditional, turned lacquer ware techniques and are coloured using natural dyes. These products are absolutely eco friendly and non hazardous. These products are made using locally available soft wood called Ale Mara, natural lacquer and vegetable dyes like turmeric, spinach and indigo. The toys are made with great attention to quality and safety.
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