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Dimensions: Length-1 inch
Material: Wood
Designed By: Tariq Khan, Wooden Block Stamps
This set of six printing blocks are hand carved in Farrukhabad of Uttar Pradesh. Fun for Kids craft projects. 

Block is a tool used for producing a repeat pattern on textiles, felt, leather, etc. These wood blocks lend to various versatile and creative forms of printing like textile art, stationery, wax art, scrapbooking, pottery, card making, clay projects, tiles, paper crafts, fabric crafts, handcrafted soap making, wallpapers, ceramics, henna, tattoo, candle making, etc.

The compact Charkha is in a shape of the Box and is very compact and lightweight. Because of it's lightweight it can easily be carried wherever you go!

Block printing is a ancient art craft of printing on textiles. India has been renowned for its printed and dyed cotton cloth since the 12th century and the creative processes flourished as the fabric received royal patronage. The earliest records mention the printing centers in the south, the craft seems to have been prevalent all over India.

Usage Instructions:

1) Prepare the fabric or paper where you want to print and attach them with the help of pins or put some weight on the corner of the object. Take a plate and a piece of sponge. Put some color/Ink on a sponge.

2) Take the wooden block design and apply the ink or color on it through a sponge.

3) Carefully place the wooden block on an object and apply press all over. Once the color/ink will dry the object will ready for use.
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