Daadi game / Navakankari / Nine men&
Daadi game / Navakankari / Nine men&
Daadi game / Navakankari / Nine men&

Daadi game / Navakankari / Nine men's morris board game (Crafted in Jabalpur Silk)


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Daadi/ Navakankari / Nine Men's Morris board game (Crafted in raw silk)

Ancient Living brings to you yet another folklore game, this time, Dadi -A board game that puts your skills in strategy and planning to test! Developed in the country of much diversity, this game is called Navakankari in Sanskrit and Nine Men's Morris Board in the western world. This eco-friendly board is hand-stitched and finished to perfection, letting you enjoy the game to its extreme best! Sewed in Raw silk and woven with the finest fabric, Dadi is the irresistible board game you've got to own in your gaming rooms.

Hand-made Coins: The coins are made by the best of artisans using earth-friendly wood materials and natural color paint.

Fun in the Box: Packed in an Earth-Friendly Box for safekeeping and zero threat of damage.


This strategy-alignment game that has been designed for children above five and adults is played by two players. Most of these games have their traces in different parts of the world. The primary aim of the game is to get as many points as possible by positioning three coins in a row.


The two opposing players are given 9 coins each of two different colors. The players try to move them to get 3 coins in a row. Though, similar in movement to Noughts and Crosses, Dadi is far more complex than that in practicality.

The basic aim of a player is to make vertical or horizontal lines with three coins of one color. Every time this is achieved, one of the opponent's coins is removed. The ultimate objective is to bring the opponent's coins down to two, or to block all the opponent's moves, thus rendering the opponent unable to play. When that final block occurs, the person creating the block is declared the winner.

Dimensions: 36x36

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