Chess Board Game
Chess Board Game

Chess Board Game


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Chess also is known as Chaturanga in Sanskrit is the literal embodiment of the word strategy. It originated from the roots of India and played a major role in planning and military strategizing during wars. It is a two player game with each player having 16 pieces. The game is won when one player checkmates the other. The entire game revolves around planning and using logic to save your king. Our chess game comes in a wooden box with wooden pieces which caters to your aesthetic need.

It is a fascinating game of thrill which is achieved when the king is placed under an inescapable threat of capture. It is a highly mind stimulating game as it requires all the skills of mental ability such as logic, strategy, mathematical ability, and planning. The beauty of this game not only lies in its mental ability but also in how it develops life skills in an individual. It teaches the concept of healthy competition and develops the spirit of sportsmanship. It encourages an individual to go beyond their mental boundaries and pushes their mental limits. Mostly, it makes an excellent form of entertainment.

The skills learned through this game are vital. They are useful in every walk of life. Be it planning a small together or be it strategizing tasks for a company, it makes an irreplaceable asset. It helps a person to be quick of his feet, to make a crucial decision and aids him in getting through tough situations. All of this is achieved by playing this mind-boggling game in your spare time. So go ahead, move your pieces and save your king!

Dimensions: 30*30*5 cm

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